The ONE Minute Advantage

For Users

Users take SMART decisions and Guide others in the family, friends and acquaintance circle.

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For Employees

Be aware of Cyber Security Risks, Do's and Dont's, Product and service updates, Admin and HR policies, Events

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For Sponsors

Engage with your Target Groups (Employees, Sales Teams, Netizens) or People at Large.

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Why It’s Best?

Apps are the medium of future. People spend more than 150 minutes per day on mobiles – Far more than PC / TV use. Pegg offers the unique advantage of running campaigns based on well defined purpose connecting with the Audience at a Corporate or Mass Level

Corporate Campaigns

Empower the People. Enhance awareness on Cyber Risk, policies, procedures, products and services, Event Alerts...

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Mass Campaigns

Use Pegg to connect with millions in no time. Tell masses about Government eServices, Health, social issues, Election Process, Candidates, more...

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Engage. Enthuse. Empower.

As per the Dale Carnegie Employee Engagement Study, 54% of the workforce is not fully engaged at work. Pegg platform enables People engagement in an Easy, Effective and... Read More

Corporate Campaigns

The biggest People challenge faced by organizations today are – Personal Me Time hours – such as Whatsapp, Internet,...Read More

Instant Real Time Results

Dashboard and reports are used by Sponsors to monitor the success of their campaigns. The campaigns aggregate results of Corporate or Mass...Read More

Mass Campaigns

Pegg is “Ready to Use” by organizations to take advantage of Mobile Solutions and reach to masses for Digital Marketing, Product Promotions,...Read More

How it Works?

Pegg is a multi category message delivery solution for Companies and organizations (aka Sponsors) to connect with target audience, be it People within a Corporate, Customers, Vendors...Read More


Please connect with us for your campaigns,feedback, suggestion or any other matter to enhance the Pegg experience.

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